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FRRO & Immigration

Foreigner Registration FRO is a requirement for foreign nationals entering India for a period of greater than six months, or for foreigners entering India for work, on an employment visa.

The Foreigners registration Office is the primary agency to regulate the stay and departure of an expat in India on various Visas common being Employment (E) and Business (B) Visa on long term stay. Following are the FRRO offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, kolkata, Amritsar, Chennai, Hyderabad. In other places, the Superintendents of police (SP) of the Districts are registration officers for foreigners. Different types of Visas are:

  • Employment Visa (E)
  • Business Visa (B)
  • Dependent Visa (X)
  • Tourist visa (T)
  • Research Visa (R)
  • Medical Visa (M)
  • Medical attendant Visa (Med-X)
  • Student Visa (S)
  • And other Visa category beings: Missionaries Visa, Conference Visa, Journalist Visa etc.

Working with immigration authorities can be stressful and time consuming, especially with changes regulations and serious consequences for non compliance. Estate Ventures will ensure necessary document for extension of existing visas is lodged on time for renewal. A visa status tracker is built to ensure that a reminder is sent to the client as well as the assignee 60 days prior to application date. Estate Ventures can support Expatriates and Corporate the services with:

  • Foreigner Office Registration (FRRO/FRO)
  • Visa extensions and renewals for expatriate and family
  • PIO/ OCI cards for persons of Indian Origin
  • MHA Assistance/ Embassy Support in Visa Stamping
  • Advisory of Employment Visa/ Business Visa/ Tourist Visa and documentation
  • Renewal Visa Extension Services with advance notice of dates
  • Student Visa/ Business Visa/ Official Visa for Registration/ Extension