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Gurgoan - Residential Leasing

Gurgaon has been one of the fastest growing cities in India with most of the I.T. companies finding Gurgaon as a preferred destination. This is attributed to primarily two reasons, One The Proximity to the New Delhi International Airport and the other to the Connectivity to New Delhi. 
We would like to introduce to you our LEASING Services. We offer high quality service and personalized assistance for Residential leasing in Gurgaon.
We understand your requirement first and then on the basis of that advice you. We totally understand that the process of understanding requirement, short listing and viewing of properties is an uphill task. This is where we step in. Hence our Services offered are simple, dependable, trustworthy and convenient and the mannerism involved makes this daunting task of dealing with property related matters easier for you.
So whenever you are searching for the residential Accommodation (Builder Floor, Furnished Apartment, Farm House, Service Apartment etc.) to lease, we conduct research based on your criteria and lead you to the most suitable product available in the market.
The Housing in Gurgaon is of primarily three types:
1. High Rise Apartments : High Rise Apartment Communities in Gurgaon are generally made on plot areas of 11 acres and above, typically a community would have about 8 to 12 Towers with about 300 apartments.
2. Row Houses/Villas: Row Houses and Villas are generally attached to each other, the concept of having larger detached homes does not yet exist in Gurgaon, even if it does, there are only a very few of such homes in Gurgaon.
3. Independent Houses: These are homes which are normally in a larger colony, they are independent houses built on various plot sizes, starting from 100 meters going up all the way to 1000 meter plot sizes.
4. Builder Floors: Some developers of properties have taken plots in colonies and converted them into stacked homes, These would typically be three floors of building with one family living on each floor.